We've all made friends in bathroom lines, shared experiences breed intimacy.

You can't carry the line with you, but you can envelop those around you in an experience worthy of conversation. Shit that Glows is an enabler of these experiences, the kind that connect you with the friends you have yet to meet.

When light shines from one, it reflects onto others and we believe that in order to see the light—you have to be the light.

Guided by the mantra 'build cool shit and change the world', the Shit that Glows team gathered together to brighten smiles, spark conversations, and illuminate new facets of those we touch. We are a catalyst of experiences.

Offering an eclectic and ever growing catalog of fiber optic apparel, light up accessories, and... other Shit that Glows—we aim to illuminate the world one poop emoji at a time. People ask us why and we say... why not?

Our Story 

While preparing for Halloween—amidst a less-than-sober shopping extravaganza—I searched for the means to upstage my obnoxiously creative neighbors. It could have been the soft light of the moon or the warm glow my bourbon, but something in the universe prompted the shift of my search towards illuminated apparel... and it paid off in the most splendid of ways.

Amongst the seemingly endless sea of mass market LED toys and apparel; nothing jumped off the page—not until I discovered a magical Cloak of Visibility made with more than a half mile of fiber optic thread. Appearing deceptively normal in daylight, the fabric illuminated with its own remote and instantly transformed it into an Intergalactic Space Coat of Light and Wonder.

The vibrant experiences catalyzed by this glowing garment (now chronicled within our newsletter) were quickly dimmed in the realization that others—due to availability, pricing, etc.—weren't able to have illuminated adventures of their own.

Questions about manufacturing the fabric more affordably not only led to answers, but began to attract a team—one comprised of rowdy individuals united in lighting the world. This was the beginning of the Shit that Glows adventure.

Our Team

Brian Swichkow, Co-Founder & CMO — internet infamous for pranking his roommate with eerily targeted Facebook ads, experiencing the startling power of professional skills exercised in a less-than-professional environment he sought more tangential exploration of drunken ideas (which ultimately catalyzed the Shit that Glows community).

Aaron Scott, Co-Founder & COO — successfully raised over $9M for 5 startups and has acted as a strategic advisor since for ventures ranging from medical science to finance technology; while still finding time to sideline as an aerial gymnast.

Bill Broughton, Sr. Developer — financial analyst and developer for Ford Motor company who’s profane programming language selector went viral and was creatively leveraged into the launching of his development agency.

Richard Embry, Sr. Creative Director — (coming soon)

Courtney Bowditch, Asst. Creative Director — designed visuals and marketing for Target, Nike, Old Navy, etc. and led engagement campaigns for the Grammys. She also co-founded Delicate Estates, novelty wine labels with the motto "drink your feelings". 

Matt Yanofsky, Head of Public Relations — responsible for a menagerie of marketing stunts that catalyzed PornHub's meteoric growth from $200M to $2B in 2 years such as their Arbor Day and Times Square campaigns.

Matthew Webster, Filmmaker — (coming soon)